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Lovers on Fingertips

It isn’t the lust of relationships

that I crave


I crave the fingertips. 

The feeling of your hands,

brushing over limbs and lips 

entwining hands.

The caressing of fingertips, 

the indentation on my skin.

The stroke of a hand onto parchment

while writing love notes 

as your fingers linger on every letter.

There are moments, 

when I will run my thumb 

along the pads of my fingertips.

When I know my future lover

is just out of the grasp, 

of the tips

of my fingers.

Love: Text

Seattle Lover

I left part of my heart 

In a city I have never been 

We dreamed of leaving 

For Seattle 

Maybe it was the timing 

That never lined up 

Or the other women 

Who laid in your bed 

Iv burned the ideas 

Of houses 

With white picket fences

On the coast 

Of the oppose side

Of this country 

A part of me 

Will love you in Seattle 

In a different reality

I wonder if we ever built the house 

I wonder 


If we ever would have 

Gotten sick of the rain there

Love: Text

I Left My Voice In Your Bed

I wonder if you can hear me… 

The graveling of words 

through a voice lost in pillows and comforters.

I mouth your name 

through breaths of a cold apartment 

I think I left my voice there. 

I wonder if you can hear me… 

As I trace the vowels 

of sweet words, I said to you 

as I make my way back home.

I am now looking for my voice

unpacking my bag wondering where I misplaced it,

maybe I left my voice

in your apartment as we said goodbye.

I hope you open your windows, 

so the voice that called you breathtaking

can seep out into the air.

I’d like to have my voice back here

back home.

Maybe I left it where I want to be, 

and maybe…

That’s why I left it there.

Love: Text


The day you died felt like it spanned over a month.

Sunday morning sermon echoed through a house

too weary to worship.

I only hope you heard it,

while you were slowly slipping away.

The afternoon crept in and, 

your breathing had slowed.

The air was thick in the early August weather,

humming from an old air conditioner murmured

you were still

just as you were in your hospital bed.

It had been four days since I left your side.

The priest had made it back to do one last blessing,

you slipped away late afternoon, 

as the sky opened and it poured 

while the sun shone through clouds.

I got you ready for the mortician. 

You were always a clean-shaven man 

I made sure you were ready for company.

They make sure the family is away when the mortician comes so I called,


An entanglement who left me breathless 

in a room where no breathing took place. 

I knew she’d never be mine 

but in that moment

when you came to my house 

drove around our hands entwined 

I felt we had loved and lived 

our entire lives in that car ride.

Our love was only meant for a season,

but on the day you died 

she was there

for the day that felt like months.

The smell of her perfume,

still lingers in that memory.

Love: Text

Smudge your Tongue

Swallow selenite 
To cleanse your tongue off my name 
If not with outstretched arms
I will grasps what’s mine 
Through your throat
Check what beats beneath your rib cage
Tell you tarot card secrets 
Tongues can’t be bitten 
When they lay in glass jars 
I love yours now 
Taste like biting glass 
Sleep with amethyst 
Beneath satin pillows 
To dream of new lovers
Not yet forged in the stars 
I am fearful 
Confessing  my name 
Paint my lips black
In mourning of love that 
once touched these lips 
Kiss me with smudge sticks
Sage burning  
between my teeth 
So I know I know your soul is pure 
Because I’m tired 
Of lovers 
Filled with stardust 
Cosmic woven deception 
Who slander my name 
When I am no longer useful 
Who’s Tongues I now keep 
In glass jars

Love: Text

A Week For Love

What if I only loved you for a week 

a clock set over our heads 

as I fabricated what life would be like here.

Here nestled in a town 

far away from home,

as I read books in coffee shops

and pretended that I belonged here.

Familiar with street names,

your street names 

and your third-floor walkup.

What if I only loved you for a week,

and after that we realized our lives too different 

the distance to much

you’ll never leave here, and I’ll never go there.

But what if…

in that week we loved and lived

like time and distance never mattered,

and then we neatly tucked away our love

into a random week to simply reminisce. 

What if I only loved you for a week, 

and I kept it tucked away forever.

What if I was lying?

When I said I only loved you for a week,

Love: Text

Eyes like Oleanders

Hollowness buried
Through my chest 
were my heart
Once laid
When you left 
Gravity settled back into my bones 
I no longer felt weightless 
Saw flowers in your eyes 
Didn’t realize they were oleanders and foxgloves
Your purpose 
Was to be beautiful and 
Hault my Heart beat 
Thought I lost pieces of myself 
When you vacated my life 
Realize I only lost 
Pieces of myself
That were meant to decay
Like old petals on a flower 
Not yet at peak bloom 
Cut my hair 
Embraced who’ve Iv 
Been afraid to be 
Call me jay 
Stellar like the smallest of the Corvids 
Watch me take flight 
When I’m not longer 
To soil
That no longer nourishes me

Love: Text


Thought you were a boat
Drifting out to sea
Thought you were on your way 
With a destination at sight 
Saw you fought waves that came toward you
Admired your sea legs 
Didn’t realize when I came abord 
You were weary of change 
You became angry 
When I notice your anchor was casted
Content with stagnation 
Told me we were to different captains 
I liked going fast and riding the sea
And you were happy were you were
Flailing off the boat 
I plummeted 
I fear not to sea
I fear not motion
But stagnation 
I fear the quietness of nature
I won’t drop anchor 
Call it risky 
Call it bad piloting 
But at least I’ll never be 
Just a few yards 
Into the sea
Who mascardes as a captain 
Wanting to change 
But fearful of current.
I’d rather drown
Than say in one place for too long

Love: Text


I am a sunflower 

I am bright and beautiful 

I am a sunflower 

I like to stretch my myself towards the sun

I am a sunflower

 I stretch myself towards the light 

Forgetting like iccares that everything has its season

Those that solely pursue the sun will get burned.

I am a sunflower 

Sometimes the sun that my earth rotates around that I so desperately stretch to are people who can not love themselves.

I am a sunflower

You can plant me in soil that’s toxic and I will still bloom absorbing those toxics

I am a sunflower 

My love are my seeds the core of my being

I am a sunflower

When I am no longer beautiful to you, 

I have allowed hands your hands to scrape out my core.

My love my seeds the love you craved 

And salted them with my tears.

You ate so ravenously 

And spit them out

I no longer wish you to be anyone’s sunflower. 

Love: Text

The Gift of "Her"

Behind my eyes 

The entrance to my subconscious 

Is a window thick with  frost 

Nose pressed to the glass 

Looking at the first snow in winter 

I awake in the morning 

Dreaming dreams of better tomorrow’s

I hold what seems invisible 

The gift of her

Eyes Translucent 

Transcending my past ideas of dying 

Her smile makes Apollo envious 

Her laugh contagious 

When her hands entwined  in mine

I’ll have known 

What brought me here

I am grateful for

Our wedding day 

Our rocking chair reminiscents

Our life together 

I am grateful for

The future wife

I have yet to introduce myself to 

Or have yet to realize I have met 

Knowing one day you will be mine 

If only for a moment 

Makes me grateful for air that fills my lungs 

Dear wife 

Please wait for me as I piece together 

Parts of me 

Caving out my own  wooden bones

I am still  blooming 

Dear future wife 

I’ll meet you in the church

In the midst of spring 

Hold my sunflowers bouquet

 In your hands

I’ll hold your favorite flower in mine

Love: Text
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