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Silent Churches

Church grew silent
after you died, 
I felt I could hear a pin drop.
Online sermons and outdoor congregation.  
brought preachers with words I couldn’t hear 
sermons sounded muffled.
No breaking of the bread,
no faces that seem friendly enough
to break bread with.
Churches felt silent to me 
I could not hear God in the palms 
nor in the homily. 
Mouthing prayers my voice made no sound. 
After you died,
I felt God leave my church
I could not tell if He left because He could, 
or because He was asking me to follow him.
Wherever He is leading me 
I hope I hear a voice soon 
I’m sitting in a church
surrounded by congregates
but I hear no sound.

Faith: Text

Cathedral in St.Paul

I took you in my heart 

to Saint Paul, 

It had been years since I stepped foot 

in a church 

guarded by the Vatican. 

I took you to Saint Paul,

on my knees

as I lit a candle 

I knew you’d never been this far West before. 

The statues looked at me 

with eyes not glazed with stone,

but of knowing. 

Knowing I was far away from home 

carrying those on my heart

I don’t know how long the candle for you will stay alit,

or if you felt a pulling.

Pulling you through the large wooden doors 

or maybe the stained-glass windows.

I took you to Saint Paul.

So, I didn’t feel quite so alone.

Faith: Text

Angels and Broken Teeth

Broken teeth 

broken from grinding.

Grinding on the heads of angel statues 

looking for faith drowning in reality. 

Plummeting into water you can’t swim in

when you’re being baptized 

while reality encase your ankles in cement.

Hoping for a dove to fly overhead 

capsized now decapitated, 

life serving you on a silver platter. 

I pray to deities 

that I don’t pay homage to in times of crisis 

unfamiliar altars feel safer.

Safer than knowing

I’d be let down by my God yet again.

I am at a pulpit 

screaming at empty pews 

I wonder what restitution lies ahead 

I wonder about those who were born in houses

already set aflame 

who don’t get prayers answered like mine. 

Are we neighbors?

I can’t tell if this heaviness I feel 

is from ingesting smoke or if it’s water pouring in my lungs

from drowning during baptism.

Faith: Text

Bows and Arrows

I am dusting off the walls 
Of the temple neglected
Juno I'd like to apologize 
I have no idolatries 
Of love but a simple apology 
I am not bowing at your alter 
But I have slit the throat 
Of cupid 
His aim 
Shot lovers for me 
Who only shot me back 
Not with passion or love 
With emptiness 
And yearning 
For what love really was 
Juno I have confession 
I can see why you the god of marriage
And the god of love 
Are separate entities 
You are not the same thing 
Dear Juno I should have been leaving flowers for you 
Instead of letting a man 
Decide who should love me
This is an apology 
I have strapped on his bow 
I am no longer waiting 
I am sitting 
For a women with flowers in her eyes 
Bow ready in hand
Dear wife I promise when the arrow hits you 
The blood on the bow is not mine or yours 
I have fought the gods to find you.

Faith: Text


A devotional at your mercy 

Two headed deity of new beginnings 

Tarot card readings show me a card named 

“ the world”


A beginning of an era 

The ending of an age 

A metamorphosis of time

Which has brought me here

I come to you 

Broken bones

Heart to weary to beat 

On an alter 

Of broken teeth from the bodies of people who

Mouthed words of love 

That wronged me 

allow me safe passage 

Into the new year 

I am weary 

This past year has not been kind 

I am burning love notes 

I am reading omens 

Burring magic jars 

From witches 

Who I gave my heart to 


I ask for safe passage, 

Let the love they could

 Not give me be the last thing of 2020 to hurt me

Let those who sow seeds of erroneous yearning

That poisoned the soil in my rib cage

Dear Janus 

Let flowers grow again

Faith: Text

Celestial Moonlight

Daughter of Hyperion and Theia
Selene goddess of the moon 
We have not been formally introduced 
Dear Luna 
Only prayed too you once 
When I felt my god folly 
Prayed to you when you were at your brightest 
I can’t say I follow you 
Broke bread for you 
Bow beneath your alter 
Worship you 
But you who
make the ocean tides rage 
Distraughts the hearts and minds of man  
Daughter of Titans 
I have Only prayed to you once 
Because I knew who I was praying for 
Was looking up at you too 
I don’t know if you grant wished or prays
To non worshipers
Those who don’t bask beneath your beams 
But I know that you 
Bend the hearts of man 
So I plead as an acolyte 
In this moonlight prayer to hear me
Though I wonder 
Do you make the tides rage for you 
For your own pleasure of chaos?
Or do they do it willingly 
Do you grant wishes? 
The tides inside me fear for the worst

Faith: Text

Euphrosyne and Aphrodite

Euphrosyne and Aphrodite
I pledge an idolatry 
To the goddesses 
Of happiness and love 
To a mortal 
Living a life without glimmer 
To slay the Barrett Beast 
Dear goddess 
I have been having dreams 
I can’t pull apart 
If my nightmares are irrational 
Or premonitions 
Omens of the future 
I stand in a church 
Vacated by its practitioners 
Veil nestled in my hair 
In a white dress
Awaiting my faceless bride 
Where a wedding won’t take place 
I approach the alter
Awaiting to be loved 
Dear goddess this Barret best 
An enemy of women 
Has vowed to strip me of rights 
Conversation therapy 
Lay at the tip 
Of this basslets tongue 
Dear goddesses 
I approach this alter 
Not as a brideless bride 
But as an offering 
For you to slay 
The Barrett beast 
Lay what would have been on bouquet 
On her grave 
And let her Epitaph read 
“Slayin by the goddess she wronged “

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